The the multiple between Messi and C Ronaldo never off Messi

The the multiple between Messi and C Ronaldo never off Messi, C Ronaldo still attack the La Liga top scorer, while they both efficacy team Actual The town with Fifa 16 Coins Barcelona still battling in the league.This A week, C Ronaldo with Lionel Messi as their group created an outstanding participation. Messi to Spain's capital keep BuyFifa 16 coinslead the Primera Liga standings, C Ronaldo hat-trick to help Actual The town keep dream of the headline competitors, two factors behind Spain's capital, biting Spain's capital.

Right now there are three teams, who is effective, and now really bad set conclusions.Messi obtained twice in the encounter and Cordoba, one started to go beyond the C Ronaldo increased Primera Liga reviewing charts first, followed by C Ronaldo hat-trick in the encounter with Sevilla, C Ronaldo Macy raised beyond 42 objectives scorer first.This is the C Ronaldo since 2009 to be a aspect of Actual The town in the first 25 La Liga hat-trick, exceeding Messi became the first La Liga. But Messi confirmed his superb talent, leading Spain's capital 8-0 win over Cordoba, Cordoba has become the league's first group relegated.

At one time, Messi confirmed their dedication, in the biggest moments, Barca won a charge chance, which was originally an probability to flourish the objectives of Messi, but Spain's capital to be able to provide the Master yet Neymar.Right now Actual The town and Spain's capital not only for the league, they all have a probability to win the Winners Group, Actual The town encounter Juventus in the semifinals, Spain's capital will encounter Bundesliga leaders Bayern Munich.Of course, with Messi C Ronaldo is not just to win the level, both in the Winners Group now obtained 75 objectives, who can increase this number? Wait and see.You can Buy Fifa 16 Coins on