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Pantothenamides are secondary or tertiary amides of pantothenic acid, Axitinib the vitamin precursor on the important cofactor and universal acyl carrier coenzyme A. A latest study has demonstrated that pantothenamides inhibit the development of blood-stage Plasmodium falciparum with submicromolar potency by exerting an result on pantothenic acid utilization, but only when the pantetheinase existing within the growth medium continues to be inactivated. Here, we show that little modifications with the pantothenamide core construction are adequate to counteract pantetheinase-mediated degradation and the pantothenamide analogues still inhibit the in vitro proliferation of P. falciparum by targeting a pantothenic acid-dependent course of action (or processes). Ultimately, we investigated the toxicity on the most potent analogues to human cells and show that the selectivity ratio exceeds one hundred in a single case. Taken with each other, these effects deliver even more support for likely pantothenic acid utilization getting a viable target for antimalarial drug discovery.