Alfa One Corporation Complete Accounting Solutions, Tips on how to avoid tax scams

Alfa One Corporation Complete Accounting Solutions, Tips on how to avoid tax scams

Scammers have managed to swindle U.S. taxpayers out of $15 million since 2013 and this crisis is still prevalent nowadays. Alfa One Corporation Accounting Solutions provides important information people should know about some common tax scams and how to avoid them.


Today, it is apparent that tax scams come in different forms, so Alfa One Corporation Accounting Solutions provides the list of these scams and describes each of them with some basic tips on how to prevent them.


A. Suspicious IRS phone calls


Scammers are sharp and witty. They could change or use different caller ID numbers to appear as if they’re calling from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Based on scam reviews, scammers often target the most vulnerable individuals such as the senior citizens and new immigrants. They often threaten them with arrest or deportation.


Scammers could recite the last four digits of your Social Security number to gain your trust. They may say that you have a refund due and you need to provide your personal information in order to claim it. They may also demand payments from you and send a follow-up email that appears to be from the IRS, stating that your payments should be made through prepaid debit cards.


Alfa One Corporation Accounting Solutions needs you to remember that the real IRS wouldn’t ask any of your personal and financial information through phone, email, text, or social media. If someone calls and says he or she is an IRS agent and asks you to send money, end the call.


B. Phishing


Scammers may send “phishing” emails that appears to be from the IRS and says that the recipient either owes money or is due a refund. Their purpose is to acquire sensitive information from their victims to steal their identity or their money. 


If you receive a suspicious email that looks like from the IRS, or any government agencies, Alfa One Corporation Accounting Solutions suggests that don’t open any of the attachments, and don’t click on the links within each email. This may allow the scammers to collect your personal and financial information, or infect your computer with malicious code.


C. Stolen refunds


Identity thieves could file fraudulent tax returns and claim refunds by stealing your sensitive information such as your Social Security number. The scammers usually file early in the season, which is obviously to outrun you. And when you file, that could be the first time you learn your identity and money has been stolen.


Don’t just give out your Social Security to any strangers. Also, don’t carry your Social Security card or any documents showing your Social Security number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) with you, so that in case of theft or loss, your private information is safe. Just bring them if they’re totally needed.


Alfa One Corporation Accounting Solutions also recommends that you should use firewalls and anti-virus software to protect your computer from being hacked and once an update is available, make sure to download it to guarantee your system’s protection.


Furthermore, always check your credit report every year and your Social Security earnings statement to become familiar if there’s anything unusual happening to your accounts.