Valentine Day In Middle Ages

Various legends are linked to hadiah ulang tahun untuk pacar Day out which one can be that of Feast of Lupercalia and various other is normally of martyrdom of Saint Valentine. The linking ROMANTIC DAYS CELEBRATION with love in DARK AGES was strengthened by the notion that birds began to look for mate during this time period of festival. Valentines Day gained much popularity in the middle ages when lovers exchanged basic gifts like plants, chocolates and cards.

In the middle ages it had been believed in and England that the birds mating time of year began from February 14th this is why middle of February is certainly celebrated as each day of like. Further in fourteenth and fifteenth centuries English and French poets connected Valentines Time with their poems and verses.

Charles was a Duke of Orleans wrote the first cards to his wife when he was imprisoned in the Tower of London in 1415. That Card is a part of collection of British Library in London. It is also said that saint valentine of Rome also delivered a letter to the girl of jailer when he was in jail and wrote From your Valentine at last. This phrase is still popular.

Legends that influence Valentines Time are:

First legend says that the festival originated from the feast of Lupercalia which is known to be a fertility event celebrated in mid February.

Another legend state that a priest called St Valentine resided in Rome and was executed by Claudius on February and he became patron saint of enthusiasts so this time is celebrate his martyrdom.