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Pablo yarur terre - Washington DC is the prestigious capital of United States of America and boats a rich cultural and historical heritage. Washington DC was founded in 1791 names after the famous president of America George Washington.

Washington has a variety of attractive places worth visiting. The tour becomes more worthwhile when we know the reason that place exists or the significance of the monument you are visiting. Many people prefer to rent a car and tour Washington by themselves visiting the important tour places with just a map. But by doing that you wont be able to enjoy the cultural and historical significance of Washington.

Whether its your first time to the capital or your on vacation with your family you can enjoy the tour of your lifetime by contacting and registering with one of the various tour companies that are available. Most of them offer a variety of service and most importantly they provide a guide who is there to explain the significance of each and various things. Touring Washington is very easy. There are a number of parks, bars and many museums to visit to. Some of them are in walking distance to each other or you can rent a car with a guide or enjoy the tour with various bus services that are available.