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Turkey's Infidelity Dot Com

There's a new Turkish web site in city which, amid other issues, reveals the confessions of (and delivers private suggestions and counsel to) unfaithful Turkish lovers.

The Aldatanlar Kulubu (Club of Unfaithful Fans) acquired begun just a few months in the past with its tongue firmly planted in its cheek -- and, up to a point, that's the way it continues to portray itself.

For illustration, the 'Cheaters Club' site emblem is modelled right after the well-known Che Guevera groundbreaking poster... other than that in Che's put there's of a photograph of 33-year-aged Tv actress Pinar Altug (who was Skip Turkey 1994).

Ms. Altug you may possibly try to remember has cheated on, and lied about (and been caught lying about) an unbroken succession of fans that she has cuckolded -- starting with her husband Umut Elçioglu in 2002-3 (when she fully commited adultery while he was off in the boondocks executing his required army duties). Considering the fact that her divorce, Pinar Hanim has had three personal associations that we know of -- with Tony Teodoridas, Can Tezal, and her latest 23-yr-previous toy-boy Yagmur Atacan. And, the very first two relationships ended when she also cheated on and lied about (and was caught lying about) the subsequent of her cuckolded victims. The 23-12 months-outdated Yagmur Bey "superior not seem back," as the immortal Satchel Paige utilized to say, "Some thing could possibly be getting on him."

Beneath Pınar Hanim's poster photo on the 'Cheaters Club' web-site are the terms, 'Izindeyiz' (We comply with in your footsteps) -- a intelligent (if not perverted) exploitation of the Atatürk slogan. And to the left of that is a crimson-star brand with the double-horned symbol inside that signifies a 'Cuckold' in Turkey.

But issues at the 'Cheaters Club' aren't all intended to be in pure entertaining... They get a little bit a lot more significant when you browse:

The 10 Regulations of Dishonest Etiquette

one) Never cheat on a lady when she's pregnant.
2) Never cheat on a guy when he is on navy responsibility.
3) Never cheat with somebody that life in the very same location as you do.
4) Really don't cheat with a close buddy of your spouse.
5) Never expend extra revenue on your paramour/mistress than you do on your partner.
six) Never ever tumble in really like with your paramour/mistress.
seven) If you're married, never have an affair with anyone who is also married.
8) Never cheat in community spots.
9) If you are married, don't disguise the point.
10) Under no circumstances convey to your companion that you cheated on him/her.

Except for Rule #seven (which seems out-of-area amid the others, but which might have a Turkish cultural origin), that checklist contains quite good suggestions, ahem... if you are contemplating a appreciate affair in Turkey. But the question is... do Turkish cheaters have the form of ethical self-willpower to abide by the principles?

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