At the release of the iPhone 6, we were treated to thousands of critics following the #bendgate. As a reminder, this scandal appeared when some users had noticed that the iPhone could bend slightly if he stayed in a back pocket, for example.

This scandal was much affected Apple, which had been up to visit its plants tests to show that its iPhone had indeed checked. It seems that this year to avoid #bendgate problem, Apple has ensured that its new iPhone is quite solid (and quite thick) not bend.

Indeed, the YouTuber originally one of the first videos of #bendgate today released a new video. It claims to have the hull of the future iPhone 6s, and compares it to that of the current iPhone 6. In terms of width and length, the iPhone 6S is similar to the iPhone 6 (a few tenths of a millimeter). In terms of the thickness is different.

After measuring the slices of each hull, we note that the iPhone 6 is thick 1,14mm, 1,90mm against iPhone 6s (60% more). As you can see, the iPhone 6s will be much thicker than its predecessor, but Apple is thus emerges a new #bendgate.

Remember that this shell is not officially that of the iPhone 6s. We get some at the keynote presentation of the famous smartphone.