A well known rock bolt supplier-Sinorock

Sinorock-the largest manufacture of anchoring products in the world.
Our main products include:common hollow bolt system,R-thread self frilling anchor bolt system,T-thread self drilling rock bolt system,expansion shell anchor system,combination hollow bolt,corrosion protection rock bolt system and so on.And one of the important anchoring products is mutiple coating hollow bar,i will tell you something about it as follows:

The mutiple coat bolt combines the two protective methods of surface treatment,hot-dip galvanizing and powder coating,by which the powder is hardeded onto the surface.The result is coating that does not peel.

Multiple coat=hot-dip galvanizing+Zinc Phosphating+Epoxy Powder Coating.
Hot dip galvanizing is a process by which iron and steel are treated to prevent rusting.Corrosion prevention is an essential factor in the economic utilization of steel.Provision of the appropriate protecive coating can bring initial savings plus substantial economics in service,due to reduction or elimination of maintenance,painting and lost service time,and by deferring the date of equipment replacement.In many cases galvanizing provides ideal corrosion protection for steel.In suitable application no other protective coating matches galvanizing unique conbination of low first cost,ease of inspection for coating quality,durability,predictable performance,low maintenance and resistance to impact and mechanical damage.The Hot-Dip Galvanizing process,in essence,it involves dipping the article with a chemically clean surface into a bath of molten zinc which reacts with the iron and forms a coating.Hot-dip galvanizing hollow bar is normally carried out in accordance with EN ISO 1461.

If you have any problem please contact us at any time and we could help clients to make appropriate plan as follows:

1.We provide follow-up service.If is the product has any problems,we can send our technician to customer's site to solve the problems.
2.Our engineer is ready to provide technical guaidance if needed.
3.We provide 7*24 hours after-sale service.
Last but not the least,integrity is fundamental,quality is our life,and service is the soul.

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