What Are Rooting Cubes?

What Are Rooting Cubes?

Rooting cubes are something that you need if you own a plant nursery and are trying to grow healthy seedlings in the best way possible. While they are only one in the long list of plant propagation equipment, they are the most important. How do they work?


You can think of rooting cubes as incubators where you place cuttings and seeds and incubate them to the point where they already have roots so you can replant them. There are many brands of this particular product, however, like anything else, not all of them are created alike. And there are those that are certainly a cut above the rest.


What you want to do is find companies that offer cubes that have great spongy texture and has the perfect air and water ratio. This is very important because it facilitates the rapid growth of roots. The cubes must already be inoculated with the right amount of nutrients to help in the development of the roots and to nourish young plants.


If you're wondering where you can find incubation cubes for plant roots, you can easily find them at any online retailer store or a specialty store for horticulturists. As we said before, not all brands are created alike and you will want to find highly quality products.


To do that, you should check out the reviews and the star ratings of a particular brand. Go online and search for the brand name plus the word “review” on Google. In the alternative, you can also go to Amazon, search for the brand name and check out the star ratings and customer comments.


You really can't go wrong in buying a product when you do this. Choosing the right rooting cube is absolutely critical to your horticulture business, so you will want to take time when you're shopping.