Reviewing Direct TV packages

Reviewing Direct TV packages

At the first glance all of the Direct TV packages might look same or similar except for the price tag, of course, or the channel list. But that is not the case as each of these packages is crated to tailor fit the needs of certain viewers. So judging them only by the list of available channels or the price might not be the best approach in this scenario. 

SELECT – this one is what I’d suggest you get If you don’t really have any preferences to what kind of TV content you enjoy the most or are just looking to watch the news etc. with a very affordable price tag you will still get lots of options and good diversity and you can always get a bigger one if SELECT does not work out
ENTERTAINMENT – ah yes off all Direct TV packages, this one is the best fit for a music lover or a younger teen as it comes filled with over 50 different music channels. How awesome is that really?

CHOICE – a good choice, as the name suggests, for families with young-ish children. While they are not the only aim of this package this will fit perfectly into your family life as each member will have more than enough channels dedicated to them

XTRA – this one has been the DirecTV’s best seller for years. And now wonder considering that it offers quiet a large channels list made even bigger by tons of available on-demand content. Ideal for all real TV fans

ULITMATE – a little more targeted towards movie fans than the Xtra package plus a few more channels. If you are a movie fan you don’t have to think any longer, just get this pack

PREMIER – as the name suggest the finest and biggest of all Direct TV packages. There is nothing that you can get from TV (or TV related services) that was not already included in this package. If you want it all this package is tailor build to fit your needs. 

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