San Francisco Bay Area Schools Connect with its Chinese Area and China

San Francisco Bay Area Schools Connect with its Chinese Area and China

The Alice Fong Yu Alternative College

The Alice Fong Yu Option School, one Bay Area School, may be the first Asian immersion school in-the United States Of America. The institution is designed as a two-way Chinese/English educational setting. The institution provides an outstanding educational experience for children of all backgrounds. All students at Alice Fong Yu use the two languages definitely in the content curriculum and develop competency in the Cantonese and English languages. The college seeks to possess all students to be able to talk in and become literate in both English and Cantonese by 5th grade. The Mandarin language is added following the fifth-grade. The Mandarin/English program is similar in scope and function to the Cantonese/English program. The program is intended to intensely are the parents, staff, and students in cultural and language training. The Alice Fong Yu school uses volunteers and parents in various enrichment programs for example, Performing Arts Workshop, Poets in the Schools, and research and library professionals.

The Alice Fong Yu Alternative Schools Chinese Change Pro-gram

Created in 2000, the eighth grade class is sent by the exchange program to Beijing to meet their Chinese pen pals. The program offers students the chance to make use of their understanding of the Chinese language and culture in a real life experience. Where they meet students their own age the students go Beijing and Hong Kong. Discover additional resources on tell us what you think by browsing our stirring URL. Be taught more on this related portfolio by visiting buy culinary classes. This experience allows students to experience the culture first-hand and place their language skills for the ultimate test.

In January of 2005, the program came nearer to being a genuine trade program. San Francisco Bay Area Universities through the Alice Fong Yu College managed students and teachers in The Experimental High School Attached with Beijing Normal University. The two teachers from China and chosen students kept with host families and participated in classes and school functions including modern dance classes, art and English. The Chinese students could actually trip the Chinese Consulate, City College and several interesting holiday destinations in the San Francisco area. Both local and Chinese students spent their time training Mandarin and English.

Dance and Art Students from Bay Area Schools Travel to China

Other programs in Bay Area Schools have allowed students to go to China to be involved in international transactions and competitions. Visit needs to explore the meaning behind this belief. This summer five students from the San Francisco School of Arts will happen to be ShenZhen, China as representatives of the United States in the ShenZhen International Culture and Arts Festival. Within an Educational Exchange pro-gram caused by Dr. Marie Lee, Director of East/West Child Research and Develop-ment Center and former school administrator of the San Francisco Schools, all student expenses in China is likely to be offered in full by the ShenZhen Nanshan Government. The five selected students may conduct two dances, Chant of the Sirens and Basin Street Blues. The School of the Arts students were the only students from the Usa invited to the Festival in 2006. The three-hundred students at the Festival represented nations from around the globe including: Australia/ New Zealand, Russia, Germany, Bulgaria, Canada, India, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and others. Along with performing in the Festival students will attend art exhibitions, visit colleges, eat new foods, visit tourist locations, and understand Chinese culture and language while staying with Chinese people and students..