Kids Swimming Goggles: New Pink Anti Fog, 100% Latex/PVC FREE Goggles; Adorned with BumbleBee Character

Our Goggle Pets swim goggles are a must have every time we go to the pool now. Our kids love the fun characters on the goggles. As a parent, I love the performance and reliability of the goggles. When the Goggle Pets first arrived, all the kids immediately were drawn to the adorable characters. The goggles looked just like how they were described on the website. I could tell immediately that Goggle Pets products were a quality item, because the lenses never got hazy and kept the water out. The kids play in the pool for hours at a time and the goggles always perform. These adorable swimming goggles came with a free case that has helped to extend the life of the goggles. Also, storing the goggles in the case, keeps the lenses free of scratches and makes it so much more convenient to find in the swim bag. My 8 year old nephew can also wear the goggles when the straps are adjusted. Get further on this related article directory - Click here: Click this link for more on this Swimming Goggles product. I was pleasantly surprised that the goggles worked great in the ocean. He said he was able "to see under the water so clearly...saw some really cool fish." The goggles stayed fog free the whole time swimming in the shallow parts of the ocean near the beach, and never filled with eye stinging sea water! So far the goggles have endured two trips to the ocean and will be tested on a third trip soon!.