Google Gobbles up domain

Google Gobbles up domain

Boise, Idaho - 24 November 2007 - On the internet media download tool has these days been relaunched as, to reflect its reach beyond in allowing users to download streaming media files to their hard drive for easier, speedy access.

Owned by media firm MindImage LLC, is a multi-purpose conversion tool designed to allow its users to save and download media files from sites like and to enable them to compile playlists of their favourite videos for later access.

The brand realignment of is created as a response to the impact of the latest Google agenda against sites with YouTube contained inside the URL, in order to avoid any loss of search engine visibility for the service.

Getting already hijacked the URL, has been launched to keep away from Google's ongoing rampage by way of websites with 'YouTube' based URLs, which is likelyto lead to a key upheavel amongst webmasters online.

Speaking nowadays on the brand realignment, NAME of MindImage LLC stated the move was both indicative of the growth of the service in recent times, to encompass a wider assortment of media sources whilst also carrying the dual benefit of obtaining round the YouTube impact.

Google has been conducting a harsh penalisation procedure of internet sites that contain YouTube inside their name, as portion of their ongoing crackdown on the independence of the Internet. To compare additional information, please gander at: Having currently stolen our domain, there is no telling where else they'll strike next. Dig up supplementary information on this affiliated encyclopedia - Navigate to this hyperlink: return to site. Nevertheless we will continue to offer a high quality service to our users without compromising what we do. is now, and our users can now look forward to access to files from any media web site not just from YouTube. enables users to download and save video files from a range of media web sites in order to save favourites for repeat viewing.

about: is an on the internet video download application, permitting users to collate and save streaming video clips from and a range of other media websites into one particular manageable playlist. Discover supplementary info about by browsing our powerful use with. rounds the problem of storing favourite videos by enabling its users to convert media files into a server-friendly format..