Fantastic Baby Car Mirror For Headrest

I just purchased a really amazing mirror from Amazon a week ago and it astonished me. It is larger than I expected yet not so large as to obstruct rearview. Learn More At Http://Www.Amazon.Com/Little Route Rotation Shatterproof Guaranteed/Dp/B00 Z2 N6 Mgq/Baby Car Mirror/ contains more about the purpose of this concept. It gives a nice clear perspective of my baby. I truly adore the swivel stand on the back of the mirror which allows it to adjust properly. The straps are also adjustable to hold the mirror correctly in place so no amount of bumps along the road or baby kicks to the backseat will wiggle it out of place. If someone reading this needs a gift for a new born baby in the family or for a friend this is the perfect one, I definitely recommend!.