Difference In between Leasing An Apartment As well as A Condo in Bangkok

Many people ask, "exactly what's the distinction between no fee rentals a flat and an apartment in Bangkok?" Well, condos are independently had devices whilst a house is a block of rentals had by a firm, family members or individual.

There are, obviously benefits and drawbacks to leasing an apartment over renting an apartment and hopefully this write-up will drop some light on the apartment versus condo rental concern, as well as help you with your decision.

Rental rates

When it comes to cost, you'll rejoice to recognize that there is no distinction whether it's a house or condo you choose to rent out in Bangkok. The rental rate is typically figured out by the location, age as well as quality of structure, dimension of device, number of bed rooms, homes, decor and also furniture.

Utility costs.

Now, this is where the primary negative aspect hinges on leasing an apartment over a condo. Houses tend to have a minimum charge for water (often around 1000 baht per month) and also an additional charge on power (around 5 - 6 baht an unit compared to the 3.75 baht demanded by the MEA). All this can total a substantial distinction in energy bills at the end of every month.

I reside in a 3 storey townhouse with a household of 6 and also my water bill has never gone beyond 500 bht a month, ever. We do a bunch of cleaning as well as consuming too!

Building management charges

These fees apply more to condos instead of flats which have already factored this price right into the lease. This is just what you call the community charge that visits preserving the structures, centers, security and so on. For apartments, this expense around 25-40 baht each square metre relying on the building and also its place. The even more special your condominium. The even more your fees are going to be! The majority of the moment, this fee has currently been consisted of in the asking rental fee by the property manager. Nonetheless, if you managed to push the rental fee down considerably as well as obtained you a chuckling bargain i.e. a perfectly equipped 95 sqm 2 bed room in the CBD for 25,000 baht/month, after that it's likely that your landlord will certainly be anticipating you to pay this management charge instead! That's reasonable enough don't you assume?


At the end of the day, whether you are leasing a home or a condominium, which you lease it from is extremely crucial. With apartment owners, it is occasionally easier to work out on the rental fee given that these people can be much more flexible, compared to an apartment which bills typical rates that are typically non-negotiable. However, locating an ideal apartment for lease is a little more difficult on your own considering that you'll need to know which structure as well as just what system is readily available for lease. You'll also require the owner's contact also! That is where apartment rental firms like Bangkok Finder could assist you.

The various other thing is upkeep. It's absolutely a great deal much more convenient if you are living in an apartment or condo given that there is typically an in property maintenance individual worked with by the structure available. Nevertheless, I recognize of several condo owners who take very good care of their commercial property and also have their very own handyman who typically responds within a day or 2. The expense can be foot by the property owner or the tenant depending on the preliminary arrangement. Normally, structural repair services, electrical circuitry and plumbing repair expenses are birthed by the property owner, and also small repair services are the cost of the tenant. Nonetheless, the less expensive your rental fee, possibilities are the more you'll have to make up in maintenance cost throughout your lease tenure.

Aside from that, apartments and apartments provide 24 hour safety and also feel more secure for the majority of, as compared to staying in a home. There is also NO chance of flooding inside your residence, which is a major concern for the majority of people looking to lease or get in Thailand as well as the various other incentive is, NO MOSQUITOS! That truly is happiness.