Acne free skin through Ayurveda

Acne is a very common problem which affects young people at their puberty and couple of adults till they reach 45. Acne are referred as cara untuk menghilangkan jerawat di hidung secara alami pitikas (this means the eruptions of youth) in ayurveda. This displays the prevalence of pimples from ages. Ayurveda has described the causes of acne and recommends the best natural herbal acne remedies too.

What causes acne?

A large number of oil producing glands called sebaceous glands are present beneath the skin ( see figure ( - skin cross section) on face, back, upper body and shoulders. During puberty or menopause due to the influence of the sexual intercourse hormones, which are produced in male and female, these glands become more active and produce an oily secretion known as sebum. The sebum makes the skin more oily .The extreme sebum clogs the skin pore or the pit of the curly hair follicle forming acne.

The blocked pore or acne acts as a fantastic for bacteria. The bacterial infection causes inflammation (red, painful swelling of the infected area) of the clogged pore or curly hair follicle leading to eruption of pimples. Vata and Kapha are two main doshas, which get excited about eruption of acne and pimples. Rakta dhatu or bloodstream also plays a significant role in formation of acne.

Vata when gets vitiated because of unhealthy diet and lifestyles affects various other two doshas (kapha and pitta) to aggravate them. Aggravated pitta affects rakta dhatu or bloodstream. The vitiated blood affects the skin and causes excess secretion of oil from sebaceous glands. Kapha offers sticky home. The aggravated kapha imparts the stickiness to the essential oil produced by sebaceous glands of skin. Hence the heavy plugs are produced in skin pores and hair follicles leading to eruption of acne.

Acne worsens when

1.grease, dirt or additional harsh chemicals accumulate on epidermis. have Increased tension levels. enjoy Squeezing or pinching of acne.

4.when there are hormonal imbalances during menstrual period, menopause and puberty. are under medicines like steroids or hormonal therapy.

Precautions to be taken to avoid exaggeration of acne eruptions:

Avoid foods which are spicy, dry and oily. These could cause indigestion and lead to vitiation of vata.

Maintain a habit of emptying bowels frequently this always normalizes vata.

Avoid fast foods and soft drinks.

Wash that person twice daily with slight cleanser.

Put a hair band in order to avoid falling of hair on encounter. The sweat and dirt accumulated on hair may fall on facial skin through hair strands

Avoid application of scrubs.

Wash your hair regularly with mild hair shampoo to keep it clean and avoid dandruff.

Squeezing and pricking of pimples cause scaring. Hence avoid this

Avoid exposure of pores and skin to severe climatic conditions.

Avoid oil based moisturizers. Drinking water based moisturizers are always helpful.