Dave Matthews Band - A Universal Message

Using the release of "Funny The Way It Is", the new single off the band's newest album, Dave plus the boys provide us with a fantastic tune in addition to a deep reverberating message. This song brings to the forefront of our consciousness the interconnectedness as well as the irony on the lives around us.

He describes scenarios in the world happening at every moment that each coincide with and cancel out the other. In one particular location there are actually children going hungry and someplace else you'll find people going out to dinner. In 1 place there is a kid walking miles, barefoot to school even though in a further place a kid is dropping out school. And naturally somewhere someone's broken heart is going to transmute into your favored song.

The band genuinely touches upon some actual problems in society. These are actual life conditions which might be indeed happening at every moment somewhere in the world. It is not really funny though, is it?

Illness, hunger, poverty, lack of education and healthcare, intolerance are not funny at all in the genuine world. All of these things are genuine issues in our globe that have to be a minimum of acknowledged and helped if not solved completely. It really is also clear, even through the song, that there is not a scarcity difficulty, there's a distribution issue.

The individuals of your planet are both the reason for plus the remedy to all of those difficulties. It is actually us who have developed these problems and the power to solve them is only with us. We want to take methods to reverse the damage we've accomplished. We will need to repair the distribution trouble and assist the world to acquire back on it really is feet.

A mysterious but credible supply has come up having a solution to make the globe a improved location. It involved a three-step action strategy. To start with, we need to help our third globe countries. We also want to clean up the environment and we've to give the underprivileged segments of society a voice. These three issues are what we will need to primarily focus on to turn issues around.

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