How To Make Cream Cheese Mints Using Flexible Candy Molds

Ever wondered steps to make those kado untuk pria mints you get at weddings and special occasions? They are called cream cheese mints and have been around for years. For those of you who haven't tried them, they have a fantastic creamy texture. Our versatile candy molds have a cream cheese mint recipe that people just love so we thought we would share it with you.

Cream Cheese Mint Recipe

4 ounces of cream cheese
16 ounce box of powdered sugar
teaspoon of mint flavor
1 cup granulated sugar
food coloring (optional)

Set 1 cup of powdered sugar aside to greatly help the kneading process. Blend remaining powdered sugars and cream cheese to create an individual dough. Add mint taste and desired meals color. Knead dough with reserved powdered sugar until dough is no longer sticky. To get ready mold, press a small amount of the dough mixture into each mold cavity and remove. This will layer the candy molds with oil from the cream cheese. Now dip the mold in to the granulated sugar, coating each one well, shaking off the surplus.

Press cream cheese dough into each mold and clean off the excess. When all molds are loaded, invert the mints onto waxes paper or freezer paper. Repeat until all dough provides been made into mints.

Cream cheese mints have to dry for 24 to 48 hours, with a dried out cloth only. When dry, shop in a plastic seales container. Mints could be frozen and kept up to 6 months. This recipe yields approximately 144 mints.