How To Use Cricut Cartridges With The Cricut Expression

If scrapbooking for you went from a mere kado pernikahan unik, kado pernikahan to a true interest, than you will the love the Cricut Expression! The Cricut Expression is an incredible machine that takes developing scrapbooks and making arts and crafts to another level. Using the Cricut Expression you can cut out actually the most intricate designs, letters and phrases and obtain incredible results that you will not achieve on your own. You'll find an incredible wealth of design ideas to cut from your Cricut browsing the library of Cricut cartridges. Cricut cartridges include pictures, fonts and phrases that center on a certain theme. When you insert a Cricut cartridge into your Cricut Expression machine you can choose to cut out anybody of the choices provided on the cartridge. You possess so many creative ideas just waiting to be expressed, and Cricut cartridges offer you almost endless ways to do this.

Before you get started, you will want to choose the Cricut cartridge that's right for the theme of your project. After selecting which cartridge to use, put in the cartridge in the slot on the front of the Cricut Expression. Each cartridge includes a rubbery keyboard overlay that you will place over the keypad of the Cricut Expression. On the keypad overlay you will see all of the letters, shapes, patterns or pictures offered on that one cartridge. Load your paper in to the Cricut Expression, placing it on one of the mats. Next, choose the image you want to cut. The image you pick will appear on the LED display on the Cricut Expression. The Cricut Expression will let you cut out the image in sizes ranging from 0.25 to 23.5. Enter the size you want your picture to end up being and press Cut! The only difficulty will be determining which cartridge you wish to use!

In the vast collection of Cricut cartridges, you will see Shape cartridges, Font cartridges, Classmate cartridges, Solutions cartridges, Certified cartridges, Seasonal cartridges and Lite cartridges. With so many to choose from you will never go out of design ideas. Whether you are creating scrapbooks, greeting cards, invitations, party crafts, indicators, posters or gift wrap, there is no doubt you will find the Cricut cartridge to suit your project. So, stop wasting time with messy do-it-yourself cuts that only bother you.