Fuji Electric EXB841 IGBT Power Module

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EXB841 is the best IGBT Power Module you’ll need to boost the performance of your general purpose inverters, and eliminate the most common problems. Manufactured by Fuji Electric, EXB841 is a high-speed type module that weighs 5.34 lbs. with a collector emitter voltage of 200V and a collector current amount of 600A.


Fuji Electric EXB841 has undoubted ability to sustain full functionality in the long haul. It is a high-speed type power module, which can run up to 40 KHZ operation and is SIL package, which enables the module capable for high-density mounting.


This Fuji Electric IGBT also has a built-in photocoupler for higher isolation voltage, an overprotection circuit feature, and an overcurrent detection output.


EXB841 is cost-effective and ensures high efficiency to enhance the performance of your general purpose inverters, as well as has an unmatched durability to last longer than any other devices.