Discover the beautiful Shetland Islands

The Shetland Islands might serve as last outpost of Great Britain's to the north, however its aloofness and geographical nearness to Norway, makes it an exciting spots to visit. The Shetlands has a fascinating history; having been under the leadership of the Norse, however in 1469 was gifted to Scotland as a kind of a gift to the daughter Norwegian King who was getting married to James III of Scotland. The island is famous for Shetland seabird photography and Shetland landscape photography. Shetland Photo Tours specializes in nature photography, offering dedicated and unique photography holidays for small groups and individuals. There are nearly hundred islands which belong to the Shetland region; and thirty of them are populated. Every island is gifted with a breathtaking natural untouched landscape. The island is world famous for Shetland Wildlife Photography.

On the Shetland Islands, amazing creatures such as Shetland otters, porpoises, dolphins, timourous red squirrels, Shetland ponies and seals are glad to find a home in the unspoiled wilds. Shetland is even a breeding point for an outstanding amount of bird species due to its landscape and location. For this reason the British region has become a main destination for bird viewers. You can easily locate a group of seabirds on the sea cliffs and coastline during winter migration and summer breeding seasons.

Shetland Island offers diverse and beautiful opportunity to experience the eye-catching coastal scenery at the same time exploring the coastline searching for Otters in Shetland. Otters are loveable charismatic animals, full of character and fascinating behaviour although can be difficult to discover, to follow and to take pictures of.

Though, Shetland has the maximum density of otters in Europe and perhaps one of the greatest studied populations in the UK. Shetland Photography Holidays alone makes it one of the top places to visit Europe to catch a glimpse of otters, and what makes it even better is the truth that in Shetland Otter photography requires spending a lot of their time foraging during the day, very much increasing your chances of photographing and watching otters.

I have a fascination with otters, and being a curious ecologist I have made it my business to get to learn all about the lives of otters in Shetland and their connection with the coast. But no matter how much time you spend on the field, otters have countless ways of amazing you. Shetland Islands provide a diverse and stunning opportunity to experience spectacular coastal landscape even as exploring the coastline searching for otters.