Aurora NM2/26 100% cashmere--Consinee Recommended products

AURORA-NM2/26 woolen 100% cashmere yarn

Cashmere-“Diamond fiber”, “soft golden”
1、Super light  Soft  Warm  Smooth and Fine
It is so soft, light, warm, and fine that you can wear it next to skin; Give your skin a comfortable spa in cashmere.

2、Healthy& eco-friendly
Promote hair follicle activity, stimulate blood circulation and helps to reduce fatigue.

3、Precious & luxurious
Cashmere is the most precious and luxurious natural fiber. A goat can only produce 50-80grams cashmere fiber one year, so it takes five goats a year to produce enough fiber for a sweater.


Consinee cashmere yarn raw material
1、High selection criteria
Choose the best cashmere raw material with Fineness ≤15.5μm, fiber length 34-38mm and baby cashmere fineness ≤15.0μm, fiber length ≥38mm.

2、Responsibly sourced origin area:
China produces 60% to 70% cashmere material in the world in which Inner Mongolia, Qinghai, Ningxia are the main production area as well as our material base.

3、Abundant cashmere stock:
Keep regular abundant cashmere material stock more than 200 tons to ensure timely delivery.


Consinee cashmere yarn production
1、The most advanced production equipment from Italy, Germany, Japan etc.
2、 Professional Italy and domestic engineers with more than 30 years’ experience.
3、 Strict and standardized quality control system;


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