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An excellent introduction should SUMMARISE major arguments in the whole essay. This serves three important roles: -
(i) It forces a student to do appropriate preparation before writing the essay. In many cases, pupils plan-as-they-write, and end up veering off focus. Some may start on a question which appears manageable at first, but find themselves stuck halfway due to some insufficient arguments. If students are not able to discover enough points to produce a sufficient opening, they ought to decide another question instead.

(ii) Planning an opening this manner gives pupils a great sense of the range/depth of the important arguments and also the time needed to finish them. Quite frequently, pupils have conceptual understanding that is powerful, but are not able to flesh them out fully in the essay due to poor time management.

(iii) A well-structured essay is a high-scoring one. Especially, the paragraphs in the essay should link to one another and supply a closely -stitched argument. An outline in the opening helps to achieve this.

Topic Sentences
The next thing to do is to write our topic sentences once we have developed the opening. These are usually the first few sentences in a paragraph, and their objective would be to SUMMARISE the point being made in that specific paragraph.
The order set out in the opening should be followed by the flow of topic sentences. A mix of topic sentences that are related and a great opening contributes to a good-stitched essay.

With the structure set out, we can now think about the elements that feature in the remainder of the essay. We are able to think of the structure as the bone structure of a body along with the components as the vital organs.
Pupils can check with the DDEE framework to remember the components of a good essay.
-- Definitions
-- Diagrams
-- Explanation (body)
-- Assessment / Examples

Because these marks are fastened simply with memory work we have used the analogy of a low hanging fruit.
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Explanations refer to the argument that's being borne out in the paragraph (i.e. the point which we are attempting to make). We have grouped examples with evaluation because very often, the utilization of examples demonstrates use of concepts in various contexts, which really helps to add evaluative depth to the answer. Where relevant examples might not be appropriate in every case, but should certainly be included.

Aside from understanding the vital elements of an essay and also the construction, the writing style is essential for Economics essays also.economics tutor

Precision - this means writing in a nutshell, simple sentences, i.e. make generous use of full stops! Some students attempt to string together many point presuming this saves on time. Not only do they spend more time attempting to create the entire sentence coherent, this practice also compromises on the utilization of 'connectors' which critically signal the change in tone in a statement.

Precision - we mentioned earlier that definitions and diagrams are like low hanging fruits. In summary, students should spend practisedrawing diagrams and time memorising definitions. We must secure the low hanging fruits and prevent losing unnecessary marks here.

Focus - there are just two primary techniques to pick out the focus of an essay question.

Key words: By underlining the key words and breaking them down into a more granular form (i.e. the 1-down strategy), this helps to summarize the various facets that need to be considered in the essay. Through combining the 1-downs from various key words in the query and examining how they socialize with one another, you'll find it easier to derive the crucial arguments.
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Sanity Check: This really is a trick that is very useful, but often unheeded. Basically, check if they answer the inquiry in the most direct way possible and it means to have a look at the topic sentences. Some paragraphs are designed to supply background information and may not answer the question straight. However, as a principle, at least 75% of the topic sentences should pass the sanity check (i.e. too much background information does not contribute towards answering the question!).