Advantages of Using Teak Wooden in the Bathroom

Homeowners who are trying to decide on flooring for their bathrooms may find it difficult to achieve the look they want. Many times a homeowner will prefer to have the look of wood in the room. However, because of humidity and water issues they may find choosing some types of wood products a bad choice. In such cases, it can be a good idea to consider using cheap wood flooring.

While many types of wood do not handle moisture well, teak can withstand a good deal of moisture without developing many of the issues too much water can create. Many woods are not moisture resistant. Because of this, if the wood becomes wet it may plump, expand or stain. In addition, if water accumulates in the grain of the wood, it can lead to issues such as wood rot, mold, mildew and other types of fungi. Teak does not have these problems.

Teak contains a variety of natural oils and rubber. These elements help in protecting the wood from moisture and humidity. Because of this team is often used in boats and shipbuilding. It is commonly used in homes as flooring in outside areas or for outside furniture. This resistance to moisture can make it an excellent choice in the kitchen and bathroom as well.

Many people who choose to use wood in the bathroom find they have to treat the wood with sealants or other types of moisture resistant substances. While these can be very effective, they do need to be reapplied on a frequent basis. This can become a problem for homeowners who are short on time and really do not have the extra time needed to handle this task. In addition, sealing materials can be expensive. While teak is a higher priced wood choice, when a homeowner considers how much he or she will save by not having to reapply sealants to the floor and other wood fixtures, it can often be more economical to purchase teak.

Teak can also be a good choice environmentally. Teak comes from tress in Asian countries, primarily Indonesia. The government of this country is very conscious of preserving natural trees. Most teak used for wood comes from plantations where the trees are grown. As soon as a tree is used for its wood, another is replanted in its place. This prevents the depletion of forests or other areas where these trees are found naturally.

In addition, using reclaimed teak wood can be a good choice. By repurposing teak, a homeowner will be able to help contribute in recycling. Repurposed teak wood is generally aged and the color has changed from the typical warm honey colors to a grayish color. This can be a great addition in many decors.