Car Pressure Washing with Michelin

One of the simplest thing that makes cars last is having car wash maintenance. With continues innovation of providing automobile needs worldwide, Michelin now provides their new product line of high pressure washers. With long experience in providing what your car needs, definitely their high pressure washers will meet your needs.

Get your car wash with the latest Michelin MPX 150 L high pressure washer. It has the power of 2.1 Kilowatts and a high pressure of 2175 PSI making it also a versatile cleaner for your household chores. The French modern designed cleaning power equipment is made handy and easy to use. Clean and move around with its two wheel rubber tread wheel trolley mounted unit with handle and 8 meters long hose reel. It has an automatic safe valve with low pressure by-pass and total stop system for ease operation. The pumps are made from aluminum and its motor is induction. The 240 Volts pressure washer has a 50 HZ performance that can handle cleaning tasks fast. For tough grimes on your wheels, adding detergent helps. The pressure washer has a built in detergent tank along with the built in practical accessories holder with the inspect able water intake filter for a more smooth operation.

A car demands at least twice a month. A sudden change of weather and sun exposure changes the appearance of the car so better have your car wash done. Spray away dirt and grimes in all parts of your car quick and easy with Michelin Pressure Washers. Keep safety precautions from the manufacturers manual and take a few steps away from the car and use both of your hand to hold the hose. If possible when you start blasting the water, stay away from your car attest 2 to 3 steps away. But using detergents and other chemicals can damage your car, it can strip off car coating.

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