Natural Herbal Treatment For Calcium Deficiency In Men And Women

Calcium deficiency in men and women is something that can affect them in a number of ways and even it can lead to cancer, when not rightly addressed. The good news is that herbal treatment for calcium deficiency in men can help men in meeting the calcium requirement of the body and before getting into the details about this herbal remedy, it would be better to have an understanding about the reasons why calcium is important for humans and the symptoms associated with this deficiency.

Why is calcium important?

1. It is important for the smooth functioning of muscles and nerves.

2. It is an important component for bone and dental health and these organs are known to consume 99% of the body's important calcium content.

3. The remaining 1% is consumed by the body in cell structure and function and also in the blood, where it aids in clotting.

4. This is a mineral important for healthy maintenance of heartbeat.

5. It will help in lowering bad cholesterol content in the body.

6. When it comes to women, this mineral will help in preventing bone loss associated with osteoporosis. To prevent osteoporosis, which is commonly found in women, they are recommended to take herbal treatment for calcium deficiency in women.

7. Apart from these things, this mineral is important for skin health as well.

What are the precautions to take to prevent calcium loss?

1. Excessive salt content can destroy the bones by robbing them of calcium, particularly in elderly women, thereby leading to bone fractures and osteoporosis.

2. It is recommended to avoid more caffeinated foods and these foods will promote the excretion of calcium, thereby leading to deficiency of this mineral.

Not only for treating calcium deficiency, but also for prevention, herbal treatment for calcium deficiency in women can help.

Symptoms of calcium deficiency: Before actually taking herbal treatment for calcium deficiency in men, they can identify whether they have this deficiency, when they experience the following symptoms:

1. Tooth decay
2. Rickets
3. Rheumatoid arthritis
4. A pasty complexion
5. Nervousness
6. Insomnia
7. Heart palpitations
8. Eczema
9. Brittle nails
10. Fractures and osteoporosis
11. Soft and brittle bones
12. Back pain
13. Muscle weakness
14. Muscle cramps.

Which is the safe herbal remedy?

When talking about herbal treatment for calcium deficiency in women and even in men, Calcivon tablets can come as an excellent solution to the issue.

Ingredients in Calcivon tablets:

When it comes to herbal treatment for calcium deficiency in women and men, it is important to look into the ingredients and here are the details about the ingredients in these capsules:

1. Oyster shell bhasma is generally used in ayurveda for treating low calcium content in the body both in men and women. This is why it is added as an important ingredient in herbal supplement.

2. Godanti hartal bhasma can help in balancing kapha and vata doshas and it can bring about a natural improvement in strength and immunity in humans.

There are other ingredients like khatika, aspartame base and added permitted preservatives and colors in these tablets.


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