Ayurvedic Herbal Health Supplements Pills To Enhance Health

Without any doubt, 'health is wealth' and this is why most of us wish to lead a healthy life. But, the present environmental factors, fast food culture and many other aspects prevent us from leading a healthy life. This is why it becomes important to take herbal pills to enhance health.

What are herbal pills?

Herbal pills are ayurvedic herbal health supplements that can improve the health in a natural manner. This is what Super Health capsules is all about. The reason for the effectiveness of these capsules is its effective natural ingredients. These capsules are made out of effective herbs and herbal preparations that are being used by herbalists for ensuring the health of their patients.

Ingredients in Super Health capsules: These ayurvedic herbal health supplements are made up of the following ingredients:

Ras Sindoor: This ingredient found in herbal pills to enhance health is a mercury-based ayurvedic preparation. It is added to these capsules because it can bring about a natural cure to different diseases. The processing of this ingredient involves treating mercury in metallic form with sulphur and aerial root of Indian banyan tree. The output is then heated for obtaining sulphide. Here are the benefits of this ingredient:

1. It can address weakness.

2. It can provide relief to chronic respiratory issues, asthma, cold and cough.

3. It can address urinary problems and genital disorders.

4. It is good for heart as it can function as a cardiac stimulant.

5. It can provide overall rejuvenation to the body.

Lauh bhasma: This is another important ingredient in herbal pills to enhance health and it is also an ayurvedic preparation from iron. It is prepared after purifying and processing iron as per ayurvedic text. It can address the following issues, thereby forming part of Super Health capsules:

1. General debility
2. Jaundice
3. Enlargement of spleen and liver
4. Anemia.

Kuchla: This ingredient found in ayurvedic herbal health supplements is the most effective for indigestion, while it can bring other benefits as well like those mentioned below.

1. It can effectively address constipation, which is stated as the important reason behind many health issues in humans.

2. It can be effective in providing relief to different abdominal diseases.

3. It can provide relief to asthma.

4. It is effective in addressing general debility and bronchitis as well.

5. It can effectively address wounds and ulcers.

Saunth: It can be effective in addressing, indigestion, nausea and sickness. It is stated to be a warming remedy and it can boost the circulation and can bring down high blood pressure. It can also keep the blood thin and here are the reasons why it is added as an ingredient in ayurvedic herbal health supplements:

1. Its anti-viral and warming feature gives the efficiency to this ingredient to keep flu and cold at bay.

2. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it can address joint problems.

3. It can improve blood circulation, thereby making the users active and healthy.

In addition to the above-mentioned four ingredients, Super Health capsules have kali mirch and pipal as other ingredients.


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