Natural Health Support Formula To Increase Immunity Of The Body

Immune system in the human body is the front line defense against toxins present in the environment. This system is also responsible for protecting the humans from bacteria, virus and other microorganisms. The unfortunate thing is that environmental toxins are considerably increasing these days. But, the good news is that to increase immunity of the body, humans can rely on herbal health supplements.

Why it is essential to support immune system?

Immune system can be considered as the security system of the body and it is something that can provide natural resistance against harmful organisms that can lead to contagious outbreaks and sickness. Every day, the humans get in contact with these agents that can bring ill-effects to their health and most of them are neutralized by their immune system and all these things happen without the knowledge of the individual. On the other hand, if the immune system is weak, it will have difficulty in winning the fight against attacking organisms. This is the reason why humans are getting sick.

Dependence of immune system quality: The healthy functioning of immune system in the humans relies on the foods that are consumed, the exposure they gain, the physical health and even the mental health. In short, it can be said that it is possible to increase immunity of the body with the right level of nutrition. This nutrition needed for healthy functioning of not only this system, but also the other systems in the body can be provided by natural health support formula.

How can herbal support formula help?

The natural health support formula called as Super Health capsules can help in improving the overall health of humans by addressing the weak immune system. In addition, the effective ingredients present in these capsules can help in improvement of appetite and in improving digestion as well. Like this, the functioning of each and every system of the body can be improved with this herbal formula. This is possible because of the herbs that are present in these capsules. Carefully handpicked and processed ayurvedic preparations are used as ingredient in these capsules increase immunity of the body.

Role of ingredients: As mentioned earlier, the ingredients in this natural health support formula plays an important role in ensuring its effectiveness and here is what the ingredients do:

1. Ras Sindoor can bring about an overall rejuvenation to the body, by strengthening the different organs and different systems like urinary tract, cardiac, respiratory, etc.

2. Lauh Bhasma can help in improving the blood count and so it will also make sure that each organ gets the right level of blood and oxygen needed for their healthy functioning. For instance, when the liver gets the right blood supply, it can perform the function of detoxification, such that wastes will be effectively removed from the body, thereby strengthening the immune system.

3. Kuchla can address digestion problems, such that the body can get the nutrients from the foods consumed.

4. Saunth is known for its anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties to increase immunity of the body.

5. Kali mirch can provide relief for flatulence and can strengthen the digestive organs.

6. One more ingredient in these capsules called pipal can also play a major role towards improving immunity.


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