entists Help With a Range of Specialist Services

Everybody has teeth, and it is important to take proper care of them to keep the healthy and intact. Without appropriate dental care, teeth may become decayed or weakened to the point that they break or crack easily. In other cases, people are born with teeth that are simply not straight or have large gaps between them. Dentists can take care of any of these problems and more. The range of services available from a smile dental is varied and quite impressive:

Cleanings. Brushing, flossing and using mouthwash at home are important parts of oral hygiene, but they are often insufficient. Areas of plaque and tartar may build up between teeth or in hard to reach spots. Professional cleanings are much more thorough than what most people are capable of doing at home. A Plantation Dentist will carefully remove all foreign matter from teeth and gums to ensure optimal oral health.

Orthodontics. Many people do not have naturally straight teeth, or their teeth may be unevenly spaced within their mouth. When this is the case, a Dentist Plantation FL may recommend the use of orthodontic devices to resolve the issue. Traditional metal braces are the most common option, as they are quite effective at straightening teeth over time. However, some older adolescents and adults dont want to be seen wearing obvious metal braces, so they may opt for a less visible option like Invisalign. With Invisalign, clear plastic trays are used to move the teeth gradually. They take longer than traditional options, but they dont affect peoples appearance or ability to eat certain foods.

Tooth Replacement. There are also different options for anyone who is missing a tooth or multiple teeth. Most people are familiar with dentures and know that they can be used to replace several or more missing teeth. Other options available include dental bridges and implants. Bridges can only replace one single tooth that is between two healthy teeth. Implants, however, can be used for a single tooth or multiples. Speaking with a dentist is the best way to determine which option is best.

Dentists help patients with a range of dental issues and provide routine cleaning care. By seeing a Dentist Plantation, people are able to ensure that their teeth remain in good condition. Teeth can be adjusted using orthodontic treatments, or they can be replaced with artificial teeth. Dentists help patients decide what course of treatment is best for their exact situation.