Surgical Treatments Can Tame Your Tummy

Everyone wants to look their best and feel confident about their body. When a woman goes through pregnancies and weight gains, her tummy area often takes the brunt of the damage. Stretch marks, sagging skin and excess fat storage are common occurrences in a womans tummy area. Thankfully, plastic surgeons can perform a atlanta plastic surgery which helps to redefine the area of the stomach so it appears leaner and more attractive.

A tummy tuck is a common name for this procedure, but it is formally known as abdominoplasty. When a woman is interested in abdominoplasty manhattan, she first needs to schedule a consultation so the surgeon can determine whether or not she is a good candidate for the procedure. The woman needs to be in reasonable health and be a non-smoker. If she is a smoker, she will need to quit at least six months prior to receiving the surgery since smokers can experience a more difficult healing period.

The procedure is an invasive one and involves an incision being placed slightly above the pubic bone. This allows the scar to be hidden even when a woman is wearing a bikini. Once the surgeon has opened the area, the procedure can begin. The surgery can take a couple of hours or more, depending on how much internal structural work needs to be carried out.

The surgeon may perform liposuction to remove fatty deposits in the area and then will work to excise excess skin so sagging skin and stretch marks are removed as much as possible. The surgeon also works to define the supporting structures of the abdomen so the woman will have a more toned look once the surgery is complete.

The last part of the procedure involves the surgeon suturing the skin at a new position and then removing any excess skin so the incision will properly heal. The healing time for this procedure takes a couple of months though most people can go back to light duty after a six-week healing process.

Through abdominoplasty manhattan, a woman can have the beautifully toned abdominal area she has always wanted. This allows her to wear the latest styles of clothing without experiencing tummy bulges. For more information on this or other plastic surgery procedures, visit www. Contact them today and allow them to schedule you a consultation appointment so you can get started on having the beautiful body you want.