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What To Name Your Fantasy Football Team You need to start thinking about it sooner than five minutes before the draft when your commissioner asks you to put your team name on the draft board. Gridiron Experts claims to have compiled the fifty funniest but together I sure we can come Celine Mini Tie Handbag up with better. You need to start thinking about it now and you need a strategy. Here your strategy.

There two basic ways to go classic and the topical. Classic would be something more timeless. Perhaps make a play on your own name and something football related. Grinders, for example. It usually falls a little flat but it also guaranteed not Celine Trapeze Bag to go down in flames with injury, such as Daunting Culpeppers. riskier but wittier pick is likely to fit the topical category. In this one, you can start with a player name. You was always a popular name during Marshall Faulk tenure. Things can get difficult in this scenario, however, if you need to trade the player your team is named for. I once named a team, Priest, A Mason, And The Drew Henson Conspiracy. Once Priest Holmes got hurt and I traded Derrick Mason, I was nothing but The Drew Henson Conspiracy Drew Henson was on my team is a question for another column entirely.

To stay topical, you can rip something from the off the field football headlines fun of Ben Roethlisberger is sure to be a popular way of naming one Celine Bagteam this season. In fact, if you want to make fun of making fun of Ben Roethlisberger, why not name your team Fun Of Ben Roethlisberger. This variation of the topical team name should work whether Big Ben is on your Celine Phantom Cabas squad or someone else the past, I picked variations from popular video games like Vice City or San Andreas. Some big sports related things in the news that might be topical are vuvuzelas (from the World Cup), WAGS (the wives and girlfriends of male sports stars), and any number of athletes troubles with the law. If you plan to have lots of Cowboys on your team, you might consider working the Kardashians into the team name.