Guardian Information! Both of those Storm and Earth, PvE and PvP

Hi absolutely everyone here nowadays I’m intending to share to you what I have learnt in CBT about Guardian each storm and earth so that you really don't make the same miscalculation as I do in OBT

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First of all yes I've reached lvl 60 and possess attempted infinite dungeon solo 6 instances in overall up to now


Overview of Guardian Course

Guardian MP bar is named Vitality in this particular server which happens to be attained by way of using basic attacks and vitality attaining competencies that's capped at 100 or when you have the passive for guardian storm it is one hundred twenty

Vitality will bit by bit decay as time passes if no spells is utilised


Before I start with Guardian course I have a shameless self marketing to make! I've built guides inside the past around the features from the games depending on Thai model and it can be seriously equivalent all over 90-95% similarity inside the video game play here's the url make use of the table of articles and seek for the topic you'd like to know more about


Initially I’d like to go over the Strengths and Weaknesses of Guardian class!


Storm Pros


Truly strong in PvP early amounts 42-59. It shines most at level 48! You could fundamentally 100 -> 0 Squishies with one combo at level forty eight

Definitely robust in killing mobs and finishing quests early amounts following obtaining lvl eighteen

Shines most at killing mobs in dungeons if there is a Key tank! You'll be able to adjust to earth as you achieve the bosses

Truly potent in 1v1 Duels! I’ve received the vast majority of my duels except for duels with Guardian Earth and Warrior Protectors


Storm Drawbacks


Type of falls off at lvl sixty in contrast to Earthguard (for CBT a minimum of cause there is no battlefield lvl 60 considering that not sufficient men and women queue up for it)

Not as desired as Guardian Earth (Unfortunately that’s so real)

Your fundamentally essentially the most squishy near range focus on with out EVA in battlefield

Squishy rating -> Archer (each types) -> Mage (Fire) -> Mage (Ice)/Rouges -> Guardian Storm -> Warrior Rage-> Guardian Earth/Protector Warrior


Earth Professionals

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Very nice farming mobs you may have a protect that has a 28 second settle down once you receive the mastery!

Can recover self and allies each individual two moment with seed of life (This really is function of off tank correct listed here given that it heals as percent max lifetime)

Not potion heavy as Guardian storm in solo infinite dungeons (lvl sixty)

Genuinely annoying in battlefield getting stage guard!

Superior in 1v1 duels if use spells accurately (you may have recover plus a shield and in addition a second shield when hp beneath 30% if time correctly can be utilized 2 times inside of a battle!


Earth Downsides


Dull and very long bossfights in solo dungeon…. Definitely your harm is mediocre compared to other lessons

Do not aspiration about acquiring MvP in battlefield as this course all you will be is actually a annoyance on the enemy team fundamentally a supportive part in blocking enemies to cap your place

If you do not have a very permanent guild or staff be ready to shoulder the potion price tag... if the the most crucial tank! POTIONS FOR LVL sixty are expensive @[email protected]


Alright now to go into information about every single talent PvP and PvE!

Following publish might be about expertise and strategies!


Table OF Information

To start with write-up under this tends to be fundamentals techniques and making a storm guard

The write-up underneath that a person will likely be PvP Suggestions on storm guard

Next will be the basic capabilities for earth guard

Last but not least the PvP Suggestions for earth guard