Low-Level Aerial Video for Marketing

The recognition of Unmanned Aerial Automobiles (UAV's) within the last couple of years has increased. Professional cameras of dimensions from light-weight GoPros to heavier Red-colored Epics are now being flown for video productions of all types. Programs for close-range aerial video and photography include advertising and marketing campaigns, TV advertisements, movie production, news, course promotion, auto dealer inventory, land development, insurance damage assessment, and much more.

Regrettably for companies operating within the U . s . States low-level aerial photography using UAV's happen to be illegal inside the National Airspace System since 2007. But Congress just passed an invoice to really make it legal.

In many other nations including Canada UAV's can legally operate and bear out aerial photography and video missions. Entrepreneurs like RCMedia have began low-level aerial photography companies. Existing video and photo production companies have added RC aerial photography for their listing of services.

RC helis in a position to lift HD cameras vary from two pound multi-rotor to 50 pound single rotor aircraft. Highly manoeuvrable and able to vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) RC helis can operate both inside and out of doors over a multitude of terrain. Unlike full-size helis, RC helis can fly through trees and narrow canyons.

You will find restrictions to UAV's employed for aerial photography. They can be restricted to a particular altitude, 400 ft in Canada. The Government Aviation Administration (FAA), Transport Canada, along with other national aviation government bodies wish to prevent any potential accidents with full-size aircraft. UAV's will also be limited in operation. For instance, the nation's aviation government bodies do not want a UAV to fly right beside an airport terminal permanently reasons.

Marketing is about obtaining the attention of prospects and selling them on a service or product. Marketing nowadays is a lot more complex and competitive than ever before. Wise companies are utilizing internet sites for example Facebook and video discussing sites like YouTube to demonstrate their service and product. With 80% of Americans investing significant time watching YouTube every day, advertising there makes sense.

With new technology comes new methods for marketing. RC helis are stable capable to get much closer than traditional Aerial Video. Obtaining a unique aerial view having to break your budget by employing a complete-size helicopter has become possible. For any course seeking to get the letter to eco-friendly flyover, a auto company attempting to perform a national TV campaign, a vehicle dealer wanting to demonstrate their inventory, or perhaps a snowmobile rental company doing YouTube marketing, these little helis can get a perspective not seen before.