e-fashion teach you how to wear

Small information can contain many factor about you, such as the university the collar fashion design straight batik keris the wearer's temperament and style. 7e-style brand garment collocation will analyze the influence at length. Only when you know clearly what is appropriate that you can wear ,can you be directly on the power! Sometimes,wrong can provide people more enlightenment than the correct.

Stage 1 The Embellishment of AN EXTENDED Neck

Do: Slender women frequently have that the neck probably show lofty in summer . You can choose to a tamable hairdo for balance visual perception, and then wear necklace to polish collar.Incidentally, you can pay some focus on wholesale fashion and learn how to collocate with this point. Don't: When the color is rich, with costume design details on chest, however, straightforward long-chain has no effect any more, on the contrary, it will add messy feeling.

Stage 2 : Collarband Zipper Out of Decision Index Do: The way of wearing Korean style leisure belt cap and skirt to build enduring appeal to let a zipper go down a litter.It'll make sexy and scale partly hidden and partly visible with each other . Dont: Lovely with great elastic cap surcoat inside put in a T-shirt, attractive charm will be at a lower price immediately. Point 3 : V-throat Creating Slim Curve

Do: Opens kind of front neckline is awesome and free, simultaneously, V-neck reaches reduce weight of upper body effectively, produce elongated higher cervical curve,which is the practical choice to plump females. Don't: Boat neck can create a type of crossing the shoulder. It can increase the vision effect of broad shoulder ,so this wearing Japanese fashion style isn't suitable for the plump.

Point 4:The Multiple Details of Neck Weakening Flat-chested

Do:: The design of not buckled dress buttons produce the inverse triangular visible effect, with the neckline producing decoration with fur and various other design. It could do cover for not plentiful full upper body. Dont: No information on underwear is always inflexible, also,it can't transfer others' concentrate to the chest.

Point 5: Round Neckline Drawing Fairly sweet Arc Do: A white training collar side can tripped a round-faced woman melting temperament, with the result of neck and face appeared more harmonious. Dont: If obviously collarband line is certainly a prominent as the ornaments,adding tie-in necklace will ruin original design.

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