Muslim Traditional Dance at Weddings, Oppana

The word -Oppana' is meant to be produced from Arabic term -Afna'. Oppana is a form of festival dance pertaining to Muslim community of Kerala. It is a dance performed prior to the wedding of a bride in Muslim homes. This practice is certainly sill followed with very much importance in the Malappuram district of Kerala. Thre are two types of kado pernikahan unik which are Oppana Chayal, and Oppana Murukkam. The difference between these two art forms is quite small when the dance is conducted with claps by the dancers it really is informed as Oppana Murukkam while Oppana Chayal focuses on the beginning and closing of the dance without claps. In India, Oppana as an art form is basically taken up to Kerala from the Tamilnadu. In Tamilnadu, this talent is called after -Oppanai pattu' which is known following the make-up done for the bride before her wedding. The make-up is conducted with young girls around the bride, and one or more women applying the make-up on the bride. This practice was originally performed in Tamilnadu in the past. However, now, this talent is not in practice in Tamilnadu when it got totally used in Kerala. In Kerala, the art form is known following the name- Oppana pattu. This art form is a lot relevant in the Muslim households as without it a wedding would not take place even. Usually, the relatives and close friends of the marriage bride often young girls are the performers of the very art form. Before the wedding happen this group slowly dresses up the bride-to-be to resemble her to an angel in gaudy outfits with glitters and stuff around. The girl often will go shy upon this function. Nevertheless, after dressing the bride-to-be up, the beauties shows her method to the make-up chamber where she'll be made up directly into a damsel. Post the creating, the bride is taken up to a -peettha' or the chair or bride. The bride-to-be sits on the chair and rests her beauty behind a -thattan' or the pardha. The dancers slowly start their movements by clapping hands based on the rhythm of the music they sing. This little bit of event in the Muslim functions seen across Kerala can be considered as the Epithalamion. Continuing till the track ends, the dancers involve in their art completely. You will see relatives and whole lot of crowd watching this original piece of art. At times, blushed in the shyness the bride-to-be smiles but often she will not lift up her check out view the people watching her. As the Muslim community has their custom as brides should be worth a complete woman for the groom, they perform practice this sort of beautiful customary procedures. Unlike the weddings of additional communities of Kerala, the Muslim community always focuses on affluence in the wedding hall. Nevertheless, this practice of Oppana is also performed in the groom's house as well. Though not necessarily does it happen, in a few families across the Malappuram area of Kerala it does happen. Before leaving to the bride's place for the marriage function, at the groom's house several relative boys perform this talent same as that in the bride's place where in fact the wedding happens.