FUJIHD ESCALATOR residential elevators have been sold in close to 20 different countries with authorized partners in Canada, Germany, The Netherlands, Singapore, Ireland and Australia among them.

FUJIHD elevators are unrivalled in the residential elevator marketplace and their key differentiators are that they do not use loud hydraulic equipment or require fixing to walls. This means they can be installed almost anywhere within a two-storey home.

Each elevator lift is powered by an intelligent motor drive system that sits hidden from view at the top of the elevator and plugs straight into either a 220v outlet or 110v outlet with a step-up transformer.

With no supporting wall or shaft required, FUJIHD home elevators travel via a patented dual rail system that creates a completely self-supporting structure with no extra weight burden on the home.

FUJIHD home elevators are very quiet and the FUJIHD Duo Elveator has the smallest footprint of any two person elevator lift on the market measuring just 6.67sf (0.62m2). It has become a popular and affordable alternative to panoramic lift