Proper safety chemical must be used at all times

Proper safety equipment must be used at all times as well. This includes eye protection, chemical resistant gloves, face protection, fire retardant clothing, and sturdy, waterproof shoes. If needed, personal respirators and gas masks should be available as well. Working at a construction site means working with chemicals, often lots of them. Sites use and produce a variety of toxic chemicals, from fuels and solvents to radiation. Care must be taken at all times to reduce the risk of injury or illness from exposure. While in some cases exposure results in temporary mild irritation, in many others it can cause serious illness, permanent injury, and even death. To mitigate these risks, every precaution must be taken. This starts with training. Workers should never be allowed to handle any chemical or chemical-producing equipment without thorough training on the safest way to do so. Proper ventilation is a must when working with chemicals. Even those that don’t have any noticeable fumes, like carbon monoxide, can be deadly. If a worker starts to feel ill while working with chemicals or chemical-producing equipment they should be taken to fresh air immediately and the equipment turned off and inspected for malfunctions. In case of spills or other accidents, always have the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) on hand to guide you on the proper cleanup. Never mix chemicals, and always wash hands thoroughly after handling, even though you wore gloves. Welding should never be done without the proper gloves, suit, and helmet, and a spotter should be present and ready to extinguish any stray sparks. Fuels and solvents should be stored safely away from heat and flame.