The front surface is all glass

The front surface is all glass. Only a fraction of the frame extends to the front, at the top and bottom. The glass panel is set into the frame a bit, which has rather sharp edges HDC phones along the left and right sides. The ZTE and Cricket logos - both painted on in chrome - are the only things that break up the otherwise solid black surface. There's a small grill at the top for the earpiece, and the user-facing camera is visible when viewed from the right angle. There are no physical buttons to control the operating system; instead, the X Max+ uses on-screen buttons that come and go as needed. You won't have any trouble finding the volume toggle along the left edge of the device; it has an excellent profile. The volume control works well, but makes a rather cheap-sounding "click" when pressed. Like most big phones, the screen lock button is placed about midway up on the right side. It also has a good profile and solid travel and feedback. You'll see two trays above screen lock button. One is for the SIM card and the other is for a memory card. You'll need a pin tool to eject them. There’s no dedicated camera button. The headphone jack is on the top and the USB port is on the bottom. They are both easy to use. Like the front, the back surface is all glass. It's set into the frame and cannot be removed. That means you don't have access to the battery. I rather like the faux carbon fiber pattern in the glass. It helps give the phone just a bit more personality. The camera is positioned practically against the top edge of the phone. meizu m2 I found I sometimes covered it with my finger when reorienting the phone to take pictures.In sum, the X Max+ is a fine piece of hardware. I'd call the X Max+ a two-handed device.I was able to perform some tasks with just one hand, but my thumb could only reach about half the screen when I held the device normally.

It doesn't have a one-handed operational mode, like Samsung's Galaxy Note 4 or LG's G3, so you'll find your other hand becomes necessary much of the time.The X Max+ doesn't fit that well into average pockets.