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Birthday Party Activities With Duct Tape If you're thinking of a duct tapethemed party for your kid, you probably have almost Valentino Shoes everything you need for games and activities sitting around the house already. This theme just needs rolls and rolls of duct tape, a few different materials to wrap it around and some nifty prizes. Purchase different colors and designs to really make the party pop.

Your guests can test their balance by walking with a roll of duct tape on their heads. You'll want to play this game early while you still have lots of rolls left. If the duct tape falls, the player is eliminated. Kids who make it to the end of the course wait until everyone finishes, then they start again with another roll of duct tape stacked on top of the first. Keep going and adding duct tape until you have a winner. If you have a large tiled area, like a kitchen or basement floor, play a game of duct tape curling. Use duct tape to mark a circle on the floor and then have players slide a roll of duct tape into the circle for points. Add up the points after six rounds and see who wins. If you want to help Valentino UK the kids work off some energy, try a twist on the classic threelegged race by tying them together with duct tape.

Designer Duds and Digs Games It's amazing the fun that can be had with a pile of newspapers and some duct tape. Divide your guests into two teams for a designer duds challenge. Each team has to create a complete outfit out of the tape and newspapers. Encourage extras like hats or shoes and then judge the best outfit at the end. Next, have the two teams each pick a player to be wrapped in duct tape. Have them wrap the player with the sticky side of the tape facing out. Using tennis balls, ping pong balls or another light type of ball, see which team can get five balls to stick to their player first. Keep an eye on your guests so they don't throw too hard. It's time to head upstairs for an egg drop. Provide the kids with egg cartons, newspapers, plastic bottles and other materials you've saved. Their objective is to build a safe Valentino UK Sale home for the egg that will prevent it from breaking when dropped from a second story window.