DF30AA160 Sanrex Power Transistor Module

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DF30AA160 is the best choice to upgrade the capacity of your AVR and eliminate most if not all of its problems. Manufactured by Sanrex, this power transistor module is designed to outlast heavy operations. It weighs only 0.186 lbs., with a collector emitter amount of 1600V and a 30A collector current.


Sanrex DF30AA160 has a three phase full wave rectification. It is a design composed of six diodes connected in a three phase bridge configuration, which allows the power module to function at its best without disrupting other electrical systems. Plus, its mounting base is electrically isolated from semiconductor elements.


Expect three benefits from using DF30AA160. First is its proven efficiency to upgrade the capacity of any various applications, not just AVR but also AC & DC Motor Drives, and various switching applications. Second is its incomparable durability to function in the long run, and lastly is its cost-effectiveness!