KD421210A7 Powerex Dual Darlington Transistor Module

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KD421210A7 is the Dual Darlington Transistor Module manufactured by Powerex that you need to take your switching power supplies to the next level! This 1.04-pound device can generate a collector emitter of 1200 volts and a collector current of 100 amperes. Indeed, it is created to boost the power of various power supplies.


Powerex KD421210A7 is equipped with advanced features. It has a mounting washer arrangement to prevent itself from overheating. It has planar chips technology where every component in the module is separated to allow higher efficiency rate.


KD421210A7 also has a direct connection to the base emitter terminal. Moreover, the presence of superfast emitter diodes guarantees fast switching techniques.


KD421210A7 has more features to offer that can improve the functions of your switching power supplies.