Herbal Remedies To Protect Body Against Bacteria And Infection

What is an infection?

The term infection refers to invasion of organism's body tissues by disease causing agents. Multiplication and reaction of host tissues over these organisms and their toxins also refer to infection. Illness which results from an infection is known as infectious disease. Infections are caused by different organisms including bacteria, viruses and fungi.

What are the symptoms of infection?

Symptoms of a certain infection depend on type of micro-organism which infect. Certain symptoms of infection include:

1. Fatigue
2. Loss of appetite
3. Weight loss
4. Fever
5. Night sweats
6. Chills, pain and aches
7. Other specific symptoms include skin rashes, running nose and coughing.

What therapy can be used for treating an infection?

Many herbal therapies can be used to protect body against bacteria. Among those Imutol capsules are considered to be the best herbal therapy to protect body against infection.

How does Imutol capsule protect body against bacteria and infection?

Imutol is known to be the best herbal therapy used for protecting against bacteria. It is made up of ingredients that increase the immunity of body by supporting immune system. It not only enhance the immunity but also helps the body to protect against different sorts of micro-organisms due to which infection does not develop. Imutol is also involved in reducing the cholesterol level in body that further helps in gaining immunity against infections. Imutol is not only involved in protecting the body against bacteria but also treating the infection.

Imutol is herbal supplement which helps the body to strengthen the immune system which provides protection from infections. Imutol protects the body from infectious agents like bacteria by providing beta glucan. Beta glucan is used by body for stimulation of production of chemicals which prevent infection. Imutol is also involved in lowering the LDL cholesterol that is considered to be bad cholesterol for body. LDL not only hurts the body but also clog arteries which increase risk of high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke and many cardio-vascular diseases. Imutol reduces the levels of LDL cholesterol in body due to which immune system is strengthened. This strength of immune system plays a role in prevention from diseases.

What are the side effects of this herbal treatment?

Imutol capsules are purely made up of herbal ingredients. These ingredients are natural as well as pure. It is due to this reason that these capsules do not possess any known side effects. These can be used for long time without the fear of developing any harmful effects.

What are the directions to use these capsules?

These capsules should be taken once or twice a day with water or milk. The therapy should be continued for six months to get best results and high immunity.


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