Making A Podcast In 5 Easy Steps

And with the demand for more podcasts comes a need to learn how to produce a podcast. Every one knows it takes a lot of skilled people and a great deal of money to produce a radio broadcast, and although some podcasts are big-budget productions, the reality is...

...most podcasts are...

More and more folks are subscribing to, and hearing, podcasts. Whether you are interested in present affairs, old-time radio shows, humor skits, music, or technology news, there's a podcast for you.

And with the need for more podcasts comes a need to learn how to create a podcast. Every one knows it takes a lot of knowledgeable people and tons of money to make a radio broadcast, and the reality is.., while some podcasts are big-budget productions. If you think you know any thing, you will maybe claim to research about official website.

...most podcasts are manufactured by a single person sitting before a computer within their own house. How to make a podcast isn't rocket science, and once you've been given the formula, you'll know how to produce a podcast -- in just 5 easy steps!

1. Hardware - Besides your computer, the only bit of equipment you will need is a microphone. And while spending hundreds of dollars for a microphone will most likely help with your sound quality, there are a lot of microphones in the $30-$60 selection that are more than adequate for developing a podcast. Some computers come with a microphone, but use an external microphone if at all possible -- your sound will be much better.

2. Software - Nearly the only software you have to have can be an audio recording program. There are a lot of professional solutions, but there is an open source (this means free) program that works with Windows, Linux, and Macintosh, and is very good for creating your podcast. It's at and can be called Audacity