Standard Stun Guns For Girls

Stun guns are a popular self-defense device utilized by girls all over the place who need additional safety of their private safety. There are many different types of stun gadgets on the market which differ tremendously in price and features. If you happen to're currently looking to purchase one, you may be a bit of intimidated by the variety of options. Listed below are some favorite selections for girls to contemplate:

Mini Stun Guns

These type weapons are very small and simple to carry. Most of them are only three" lengthy which is smaller than a pack of cigarettes. A mini stunner may be small in dimension however the power of the shock from one is able to knocking anybody off their feet. These stun devices have long been a favourite of women for self-protection due to their small compact size. They don't take up much room in a handbag like the more bulkier size stun weapons do.You could find mini stun guns ranging in voltage from eighty,000 volts to 4.5 million volts. Some popular model names are Stun Master and Phazzer.

The Pretender Camera Cell Telephone Stun Gun

A favorite stun gun for women is "The Pretender". The Pretender is an effective 4.5 million volt stun system cleverly disguised as a digital camera cell phone. This "pretense" is what offers you the factor of surprise. An attacker will never suspect your pretender isn't an precise camera cell phone. Moreover, as a result of it is just 4 inches tall, it is straightforward to hide in your hand, clipped to your waist, or carried inside your purse or backpack. Yet one more thing, don't try to make a phone call with this one as it would only work as a stunnner. And if that's not enough, The Pretender additionally has a vivid 12 LED flashlight.

Runt Stun Gun

Measuring only 3.5 inches, the Runt is one of the smallest and yet strongest stun units out there. Carry it like a pager clipped to your belt or you can carry it in your purse or pocket. It is simply concealable and almost invisible in your hands! It's even smaller than a classic iPod and can easily slide into your denims' pockets or purse to be accessed; quickly. This stunner is perfect for women of all ages and works for males as well. The Runt gives numerous energy in a tiny package. You'll feel highly effective armed with this weapon of choice. It packs such immense electrical pressure that your attacker will likely be reeling in shock when you give them the surprise of their life. More info Jual stun gun.