The beginning of the road

High school drama ends and so also my shyness .. i guess 

well its hard to be sure of it , Because all i have done in highschool was just being "That Girl on corner"

Ofcourse i fell in love and who doesnt but love in highscool will never be a true love 

it just you feel butterflies in your stomach and you cant get him of your mind and Blah Blah Blah 

i mean i`m seriesouly Over him 

but the real question is "Am I ?"

well as all the teengers i have problems in alot of things like 

How to deal with my Family

How to deal with my self

i have a pretty good friends 

Having fun which is tottaly wasnt me in Highschool 

Every mornining i just wished i cold just Die 

but i never take the chance to kill myself because im too scared of the Consequences 

so .. if you asked me how was my life in Highscool 

the Answer would be 

Ooh GOD i wasted a hall 3 years of my life 

in the Highschool Drama Stuff 

Now highschool is so Over 

i need to focus on my studying in Collage 

I would say i can live without love life In my "Life"

but God only Knows what will happen in my life

Even thought i`m not READY for my Junior Year 

but i need to set things up and Move On 

As i always Say Tmorrow Is A new Day of Making mistakes and learning from it .