Birmingham U. s. goalie De Gea designed rapid improvement this season

Stay at Birmingham U. s. you will be like two well-known performs Birmingham U. s. goalie De Gea designed rapid improvement this season, which Birmingham United's new goalie trainer Frans Hawke's tune are inseparable. The sector's first loud tone goalkeeping trainer who taught Edwin van der Sar and Neuer Valdes et al, now Degea became the new recipients.

Hawke also revealed convince Degea stay at fifa16shopManchester U. s., in his perspective, provided that Degea willing, he can even go beyond Schmeichel became the best in team history of Birmingham U. s..Hawke said: "Now Degea has one of the largest globe leaders, he also demonstrated a very advanced level, he is excellent, if we can proceed, he could become the  world's best one. Now Degea still young, this season was only 24 decades of age, but he already has a variety of capability  to management  the Fifa globe cup 16 Coinsgame. I think that now nothing could quit him, he can become the best in team history of Birmingham  United, as Schmeichel and Van der Sar did. "Apparently Hawk Degea desire to stay at team.

However, it is difficult to say the  Spanish goalie of the lengthy run, now that he remaining one season contract with Birmingham U. s., Birmingham U. s. may  have  to if you do not replenish the inexpensive this summer to let him keep. Before the Spanish language media also take his sweetheart appearedwith his sweetheart in The town, when requested whether the shift to Actual The town, Degea just responded:. "I did not say" This also  allows his upcoming becomes more uncertain.

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