Behold the Beauty of the Bewitching Beaches in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka becoming an island is fringed with splashing water. It is an elegant piece of land that floats gracefully over the Indian Ocean. If we appear closely at the geography of the island, it appears to be a drop of land over the Indian Ocean. The mere image that comes in one's thoughts when Sri Lanka is becoming talked about is of bewitching beaches. However, there are other alluring elements of Sri Lanka too. The prime ones amongst them are lashing waterfalls, striking wildlife in the parks and sanctuaries, captivating culture and so on. These elements appear all the more alluring with the pleasant climatic conditions that the island boasts all through the year. Such incredible features make it a tropical paradise on earth. This tropical paradise bestows natural excellence and comprises some cultural opulence as well. It comes below the leading tourist destinations because of its diverse attractions which vacationers love to explore.

Becoming an island, beaches are the most prominent aspect of Sri Lanka. Greens and blues are the dominant hues in this island with beaches all around. Vacationers go to the island to escape their monotonous life. They wish to invest some time amidst the pristine surrounding of the bewitching beaches in Sri Lanka. These beaches comprise extraordinary all-natural splendor with mesmerizing landscapes. There are innumerable beaches in Sri Lanka and all of them are enriched with spellbinding grandeur of nature. Beaches are considered to be the most outstanding beaches in South Asia. Some of the very best ones which adorn this island are:

Hikkaduwa beach: This beach never seizes to captivate the heart of the visitor with its enchanting splendour. It stands as the most prominent beach of Sri Lanka with housing exotic charm of the palm groves, glistening sand, azure water and scintillating surroundings. Apart from the serene environs the beach is admired for its water sports. With amazing water activities and water sport is attract myriads of adventure enthusiasts.


Trincomalee: It is an additional stunning beach which is decorated with coastal palms and fascinating beach resorts. These beach resorts doubles-up the charm of the beach. It also provides a much more-than-perfect gateway to remain around the beach-side and have the most of it. They also offer incredible options to be enjoyed throughout the remain such as corals spotting and tropical fish exploration as the beach homes galore of corals and intriguing fish species.