Pokemon Illustrator - Is it the Rarest Pokemon Card Ever?

Back again in 1997 appropriate after Pokemon was released in Japan, a tiny recognized drawing contest took location. This contest was held a complete of three times during 1997 in Japan. Each time, two of the ideal drawings had been selected and the prize was a uncommon Japanese Pokemon card. This card came to be recognized as "the Illustrator" or the "Pikachu Illustrator" as it is occasionally named.

Is this card really the rarest Pokemon card of all time?

The response I feel is a definite "Yes". It is by significantly the rarest Japanese Pokemon card of all time and I would say that it is the attack on titan rarest Pokemon card the globe has at any time observed. There was a complete of only 6 of these playing cards at any time made. But to make it even much more rare, most of the playing cards ended up given out to extremely young kids. The only one I have ever witnessed was provided out to a 6 yr outdated boy. So, of the six cards that have been presented out 13 years ago, how numerous exist right now? And in what condition? Nobody knows for certain, but there have only been 1 or two of these cards to floor in the thirteen many years that I have been following Pokemon. The one particular that is at present for sale is priced at a whopping $32.five hundred.00 A modest fortune for most of us, but the card has been steadily escalating in benefit at any time because its development in 1997. This particular 1 is in mint or extremely around mint issue which is quite unusual considering the card was primarily offered to quite tiny youngsters.