Nintendo: Vuvuzelas Used in Michael Jackson: The Experience to Fight Piracy (Video)

Nintendo is applying vuvuzelas in its battle piracy. Nintendo introduced a Michael Jackson DS online video game named Michael Jackson: The Experience. Sad to say for individuals who are hoping to have a great working experience through unlawful copies of the activity, they will not listen to the King of Pop but a loud blaring vuvuzelas (a 2-ft extensive South African plastic horn). This is undoubtedly an modern phase for the company and very good for them! The time has occur to fight criminal offense with annoyance!

Nintendos vuvuzelas blares on illegal copies of Michael Jackson: The Knowledge whilst the video game by itself freezes and becomes unplayable. Apparently the Nintendo Dual Monitor (DS) has suffered from a large amount of money of illegal file sharing which has made new game titles fairly simple to attain on line. The corporation has come up with exclusive anti-piracy codes for various of its online games which dont permit customers to properly complete the games.

With any luck ,, Nintendos vuvuzelas will make consumers feel two times about downloading pirated online games. One should knowledge Michael Jackson: The Encounter as it was meant to be: entertaining and crammed with MJs new music not freezing up with plastic horns blaring in the track record. Severely, Christmas is close to the corner, help save up individuals couple of bucks and get an formal copy. Pirating could not appear like these a major crime but it is. Several firms lose out on hundreds of thousands of bucks due to the fact of illegally attained games. Lets continue to keep the holiday year a pleased a single for us all. The video down below exhibits what UbiSoft and Nintendo have accomplished.

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