D-Box Motion Seating Gets You In Touch With The Movies Again

Generally, movies are easier to find online than they were five or ten years ago. Our film watching habits have been reshaped by the advent of online streaming services. Many people have a negative gut reaction to this shift, but it was most likely unavoidable. Online movies had been the dream of millions of consumers for years, and so when Internet technology became sophisticated enough, it blossomed rapidly. Social life became increasingly more virtual and now our entertainment has gone the same way.

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Though there is no way to absolutely condemn or condone these developments, we can definitely point out a few negative side effects. Movie theaters have become less important to the average movie-goer. If you aren't concerned about the artistry of a film, you can just watch it on a substandard digital screen. And even amongst those who want to maintain the quality and overall experience of going to a movie theater, there are excellent options for home theater set-ups. For example, digital projectors used to be out of reach for the average consumer, but that has changed in recent years.

When cinema began, movie houses were the singular way one could watch the films coming out of Hollywood. As Hollywood expanded, competition led to theaters with multiple screens and even drive-ins. But eventually, video came along. After this technological advance, movies were spread more widely among the masses. And the theater industry responded by making going to the movies a unique experience once more. What did this look like? They installed state-of-the-art Dolby audio systems and cushy seats.

The new shift toward home film consumption is being battled by today's owners in similar ways. Several technologies have been developed in recent years that are making movie theaters more exciting than watching at home. Believe it or not, sound systems and theater seating are becoming even more futuristic. The Dolby Atmos audio system is the most realistic theater set up yet. And a type of seat called D-box motion seats is seating that moves along with the film you are watching.

Since streaming movies and Redbox, many have announced the "end of cinema". But as I've pointed out, this has happened before. It keeps happening. Going to the movies has lost its magic from time to time, ever since its beginning. But theater owners keep finding ways to make them magic again. There are at least some cool local movie theatres right in your area of town, such as O'neil Cinemas Movie Theaters Portsmouth